One HELL of a fight!

I'm a big marquardt fan but woodley bein from Missouri i gotta root for him. So far this has delivered! Phone Post

Great fight real warriors. Phone Post

the whole night has been great.....i wish these guys could get more attention

 I really wasn't expecting a great fight from these two...was worried about lay and pray, but this has been all action.

Awesome fight I have it 2-1 Nate Phone Post

Awesome fight.

Amazing Phone Post


Great fight. Can't believe I'm saying that in a Tyrone Woodley fight. Phone Post


Fuckin awesome!

Congrats nate! Phone Post

Great fight. Tyrone improved immensely.

Nate took it to the haters by dropping TRT and then winning a title.

Great fight! Phone Post

From STL so I had trouble rooting against Woodley but been a fan of Nate for awhile. Woodley has a lot of heart; I think this loss will completely change the way he fights, for the better. Phone Post