One hell of a PRIZE!

 Check out the contest we have going with the US

Grand Prize....VIP Experience for 2 to the UFC's final event of the year!!!


Las Vegas MMA Training Facility Tour

Tickets to the Event


Access to the Afterparties......


 entered and making my gf enter too

I cant wait when I turn 18 year old here =(


 The army won't contact me or anything, right?

Knux -  The army won't contact me or anything, right?

 That's actually a good question...

 i checked the box saying don't contact me

I did too... just in case. 

Me too.  Even though I don't think the army would be interested in someone as advanced in age as myself.  But I do tend to ramble on a bit.  Gotta get to my BINGO game now. 

 Did someone say Bingo!?!

Definitely a big prize to help the ARMY with leads to recruiting.  At the end of the day, you can opt-out and being asked to serve your country isn't a bad thing....NO is an easy thing to say if not interested.

 I will be the designated tour guide as well.  Not sure if that helps or hurts.

This is an awesome contest giveaway. I was hoping to take my wife to Vegas for this show but our finances are pinching badly. This would be the best Christmas gift ever.

well, they already had me for 8 years but ill sign up... screw it