One More Free Ebook Offer (Fitness Related)

 Once again, to thank everyone for their support, I'm giving away some free ebooks.  I paid for these and sell them, but am giving them away for folks at MMA.TV or your friends.  Just go to my page and at the bottom enter your email address and for the sports package of books, type "sports". 

The books are:

1:  Bringing Your Golf Scores To Life

2:  97 Ways To Get Fit

3:  Bodybuilding Secrets

These books are more geared towards beginners, but offer good outlines on fitness.

Please visit:

Password: "Money" for the 5 wealth books.  "Sports" for the 3 sports books.

Thanks guys.  Hope you like it.

 Entered with both passwords... Thanks! 

No problem. Sent all of them to you Rick. Let me know if you don't get them or something. Enjoy.

Got them all.. Thanks you sir

 No problem Rick.  Wish more people would sign up.  Haven't even cracked the surface with how many I want to give away.

Signed up for both, thanks!

Just signed up for both, thanks :]


Top for later...

ps. secrets to bodybuilding... Steroids...

I still want the book though

I just signed up