One-on-one with Ken Shamrock

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Ken Shamrock is a UFC Hall-of-Famer and one of the original fighters who helped grow MMA as a sport and UFC as a promotion. Since leaving UFC, Shamrock has devoted his energies to coaching the Nevada Lions of the IFL and has also watched as the next generation of Shamrocks -- including his son Ryan -- have taken the baton as MMA fighters. In this exclusive phone interview with MMA Madness' Ben Zeidler, Shamrock discusses everything from watching his son fight to Randy Couture's departure from UFC to a potential fight with his brother Frank.

MMA Madness: Can you tell us a little bit about what it's like to watch your son fight? The Gracies have been multi-generational for a while, but I think you're the first of the true new MMA stars to have his son compete. What do you feel as a father, as a trainer, and as a promoter when your son goes into the cage?

Shamrock: You know, everyone was asking me if I was going to be nervous and I honestly didn't know. But when it came for the fights of my nephew Jeff and son Ryan, I was calmer than when the fighters I train fight. I knew that they'd been to the fights before and knew what to expect, and I've been doing this for a while. I know what the worst thing that can happen is. I just felt comfortable out there...I don't know, maybe when they get on a bigger stage, it will feel different.

MMA Madness: Frank has openly stated he's willing to fight you. Is the feeling mutual for you?

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Ken Shamrock is awesome. I just wish he'd of retired after he knocked Kimo the f out.


MMA Madness: You've had a long and storied career. What's your biggest win?

Shamrock: The third time me and Royce fought. They called it a draw but he had to be carried out at the end. Everyone knew who won.

MMA Madness: Yeah, usually if you get carried out, it means you lost.

Shamrock: Royce knew he was in trouble with me and that's why the Gracies put in the time limit. They knew what was up. Royce would've been a part of the mat if they didn't do that. But I do have great respect for Royce, and if it wasn't for me and him, the sport wouldn't be here.

lol wtf? i guess the "third" time is probably a typo, but that half ass punch that wouldnt even be recognized in todays striking sure does make his career. he had 35 min to deal with Royce and didnt do shit. only way royce would have been "part of the mat" is if shamrock humped him into it. he invented lay and pray

I wish I was Ken's son. Just thing how good the bed time stories were!

royce did less than ken in that fight

What's Bob Shamrock's deal anyway? It's like he took in a lot of troubled youngsters and trained them to fight or wrestle, which really sounds more like a local gang than charity. Not to mention that both Ken and Frank's realtionship with him all went south at some point.

Good post, Sanders. I'm inclined to agree.

By the way, Keiths is incredibly irritable today. What's going on there?

didn't Frank at one point say the one person he would never ever fight would be his brother Ken?

lol im an old lions den fan but lay and pray sucks and he invented it. i can understand about being cautious because Royce was tapping everyone then but just because u laid in the guard for half hour dont act like you had some great victory. at the time being excited to LAST with royce yes, but he still acts like he beat on Royce like Tito beat on him

for later