One Punch Body KOs?

I've been watching alot of Micky Ward's fights lately, and other than him, Mike Tyson and George Foreman, who are some other fighters who could KO someone with one bodyshot in the first or second round? I mean, not from an accumulation, but just one shot?

Roy Jones, Jr. finished off Art Serwano with a big body shot in the first round and Virgil Hill with one in the 4th.

yeah, I forgot about that. Who else?

Hasn't DLHO done that in his early years?

I dont ever remember DLH doing it with one punch. He went to the body alot though

well that's pretty close. He ever do that to anyone else? Ward got 6 or 7 of his KO's early with one good shot. That's the kind of technique I'm looking to study. Guys that could do it over and over against different opponents

The best one shot body KO I ever saw was Micheal Moore dropping a 6'11" Mike White with a right hook to the body. White fell as if he were imploded.

when Ward dropped Sanchez, Sanchez actually had tears running down his face. It was awesome

"White fell as if he were imploded."


If you want to study bodywork being well executed, I'd suggest that you get ahold of some early JC Chavez and Mike McCallum videos.

Both were extremely dedicated to the body attack, and it paid off HUGE dividends for them later into their fights.

there was a reason they called mccallum the body snatcher

Fitzsimmons vs Corbett was a single blow.

Henry Wharton finished Sipho Moyo with probably the single most brutal body shot I have seen in about 19 secs. Moyo fired a right hand and badly over extended leaving Wharton the opportunity to step in with his best weapon - the left hand to the rib cage. His left hook was regarded by some as the hardest punch in the 168lb division at the time and it sounded like a bass drum when it hit Moyo's ribs.

McClellan stopped Jay Bell with the same punch in 20 secs - the fastest KO in any title bout, and he did a similar thing to Julian Jackson in the return fight.

Jackson dropped a guy with a head shot then finished him with a right hand to the ribs late in his career (Eduardo Gutierrez I think).

Steve Robinson vs Duke McKenzie. That one was weird.

I think RJJ did it to someone else to... "The Heat" was his nickname? It was a single left shovel hook to the body and the guy turned round and looked ready to puke.

Hope this helps.

Tommy Morrison dropped Yuri Vaulin (the Russian
boxer who later lost a decision to Joe Morriera in a
UFC) with a left hand to the body. I don't recall
whether it was a KO, however.

Bas has a ton. They were more common vs. Pancrase guys because they weren't used to being hit to the body.

Canadian Billy " the kid" Irwin had a bunch during the prime of his career

Bas did most of his with kicks or knees though

Ruben Olivares could throw a huge single body-shot, and an Alexis Arguello bodyshot made Boza Edwards crap his shorts--literally. Joe Frazier was probably the most consistent body-puncher I ever saw, though my father always said Tony Zale was the man (haven't seen enough good film of Zale to comment). If you're primary interest is the left hook to the body, Olivares and Frazier were fierce.

I think Chavez is significantly overrated as a body-puncher because he was so much better at it than he was at anything else, but he was certainly no better than Duran and several others at effectively attacking the body.

I personally don't care if its the left or the right. I've dropped more with the right to the solar plexus than the left to the liver, but I like both hands

cotto and..who was it...martinez?

yeah, I did forget Cooney