One rematch vitor needs to have.

Vitor needs to have a rematch with one man and one man only right now.
His Barber.
This wasn't just a close decision, the Barber messed Vitors head up for many weeks to come.
How long would a haircut like that take to rehab?
Thoughts? Phone Post

0.5/10 Phone Post


Seriously, what's with that haircut? Ugh.

oh no...........just no...

I'll admit it, the rehabbing the haircut thing made me laugh :)

I thought this thread would be about Wanderlei

RickStorm -

I thought this thread would be about Wanderlei

me too!;) Phone Post

Lol, voted down so much already?
I suppose you must be tuf fans who support the Junie Belfort look.
It's a shame, he's a great fighter but obviously needs someone to sit him down and tell him to sort his head out. Phone Post

Haulport -

oh no...........just no...

The hair cut or the thread? Phone Post

go with what works.... Phone Post