One Step closer in Venron.........

Vernon is one sep closer to an athletic comission today. On the news today this was said,
"Prize fighting events planned for Vernon facilities will have to go thru local councils to get approval. A local promoter is looking to set up an athletic commission to sanction "ultimate fighting" events. Greater Vernon Services will support the use of their facilites for the events but will leave the issue of forming a commission up to Vernon and Coldstream.

Director Barry Beardsell feel that's wrong: Beardsell says:"I personally am not in favour of this extreme fighting and so forth, but if the majority of Greater Vernon Services are in favour, so be it. But to shuffle it off back to the individual municipalities, I think is wrong."

The issue and request to a commission arose after a non-sanctioned ultimate fighting event planned for the Multiplex last year was cancelled by local authorities. "

This is one step closer in a long process that has been going on since last Dec. after "Shut Up and Fight " was cancelled. The approval of the use of facilities was crucial or an Athletic Commission is useless.

The next step is the city council meetings which from what I can tell with previous meetings shoul;d be met on fair ground. They have told us what to do and what info to gather and everything has been met so hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is near.

I do not want this thread to be mistaken for something it is not. This is just a positive step closer with no more of guarantee than I had at the beginning of this process. But people have asked on other threads what was happening and this is latest news.

I am excited that my previous events over the years are being looked at for safety records and proof that these events can be run properly. As well other events in B.C. like the WFF and XFC are being used for information which are just another advantage of quality promoters making safe venues for athletes in B.C.

Jason Darrah

Evolution MMA

in both vernon and venron in the same day? :)

Damn it ......

Best of luck Jason. Let me know if we can be of any help.

Nathan Short was a huge help with the proposal he forwarded to me earlier this year I was able to take that and format it to our Community charter and add the info I had from doing events.


Great News!

Good news!
All the best guys!


Great news. Nathan Short is a good man !

way to go Jay,

Thats great! I can't wait to get back out there to see some fights.


Hey Jason,

Thanks for the props. I had help from Scott Scrosati and huge help from Derrick MacGillivary(dubby). Without them I couldn't have put it together. Also lots of motivation from Showdown Joe. More promotions the better for fighters. With being co-founder of Aristeia Management I need to have as many promotions as possible for our fighters.

I'm glad things are moving forward and I need to get back on track with things out East here. Please keep us updated.




It is a great thing for the sport to have so many working together to promote multiple shows - specifically promoters and gym owners. It is a testiment in itself to the work ethic and sincerity to which everyone wnats to contribute to the sport. I am looking forward to my move there (Evolution) and the possibility to contribute to the fight scene in Vernon and Canada.

Big Diesel

Alright! Go get 'em! Canada will have their MMA yet!

On the radio today they asked people to call in and voice their opinion on whether or not MMA should be allowed in Vernon and the result was 100 % of people said yes. The people in the Okanagan have enjoyed quality events here and polls like this shows the support behind this sport.

Best of luck!

You have our support 100%!



Here's hoping it comes sooner than later...awesome, awesome news...:)