One thread is more than plenty....

to post your opinions on the Royce vs Yoshida fight. Trolling the UG with scores of the same topic is congesting the board.

Also, how about EVERYONE exhibiting a little class in your posts. No need to slander the fighters.....Period! Neither one of them has anything to be ashamed of.

Congrats to Royce for a solid performance and same to Yoshida for managing to survive 2 x rounds with a respectable veteran fighter and pioneer in the sport.


Either one of them would beat the piss out of 100% of the shittalkers on the threads anyway, I really dont think they care.

Both fighters deserve respect.

Royce looked impressive.



Byron is right

sheesh, I'm looking all over for a post by brownstains..... was his post deleted? Who is brownstains?

A refreshing application of reason. Thank you Byron.

BTW did/do you train at the Torrence Academy? I remember meeting a Byron there on one of my trips down...

great thread! Byron is absolutly correct!

And while we are at it, no more Rickson threads for a year!

chooch1974, anyone? Bueller? who is brownstains?

Hello??? Am I on everyones ignore list here??

no sheesh?


I did not train at Torrance. I did 3 x days of classes at Gracie Japan, before I got kicked out for being too rough. However, I did regularly train with a guy that was still affiliated there.


Chooch calls me brownstains, sadly.

He did promise to stop with the New Year, but has continued.