ONE X card will feature Johnson vs Rodtang special rules fight and 2 title bouts

Thoughts on the DJ vs Rodtang special rules fight in December?

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Include a johnson haha

Tonon getting a title shot vs Thanh Le and Bibiano defends vs Lineker.

In an interview the other day Chatri said this would be the biggest event in the entire history of martial arts. The man gets a little nuts with his hyperbole.


Man, what are they doing with DJ over in One? You have one of the goats of MMA and now he’s fighting hybrid muay thai/mma fights.

I mean, maybe DJ shouldn’t have lost his last fight over there? If he hadn’t lost, we wouldn’t be here.

His first fight there he didn’t look good at all

Will watch. Enjoying Onefc a lot currently. October’s Kickboxing card is incredible.


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Rodtang is an absolute beast in Muay Thai, DJ better be careful standing with him.
I love these crazy mixed rules throwback matches, so really looking forward to it.


^Exactly what this man said.

Dj is much, much smaller in all his fights there and is currently batting 750.

Anybody underestimating him is foolish.

I love this fight. He already showed he can hold a belt basically forever. The 2nd Cejudo fight was close but not that close, he won that shit.

This is a great, fun, moneymaking fight for ONE and I love Chatri he is great for combat sports.

I like the Bibiano title defense a lot as how can you not be a fan of Bibiano and Lineker?

Been looking forward to the Tonon title shot since he made his ONE debut and had his first couple fights and it looked like he could head in that direction over time.

Don’t expect this to be “the biggest card in the history of martial arts” or whatever but I am looking forward to what ONE puts together here.

The ten year anniversary card, this is their “UFC 100” sort of moment.

Also curious what they can put together for their first NYE card that will follow this one.