OneFC might host Sakuraba vs. Renzo II....

Isn't Renzo under contract with the UFC? Phone Post

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Happiness Bunny - I forgot to mention, I have heard rumors (rumors being the key word) that the gracies were going to do a japanese pro wrestling tag match against Saku and another former wrastler/pride fighter in the near future.

Even though it would be fake it would be nice seeing the old rivalry put aside for an evening. Unless one of them gets pissy and makes it a shoot. I could see that happening.

It happened on Jan 4th.



The MMA-style exhibition started with Daniel controlling Sakuraba and trying to choke him against the ropes, but the ref asked for a rope break. Daniel continued to control Sakuraba, so Yuji broke up a submission hold, which actually drew cheers. Yuji and Daniel then battled mid-ring, trading submission hold attempts.

A shoving match broke out, then the "MMA heels" Gracies began working on Yuji while ignoring the referee's instructions. Rolles wanted a submission on Yuji, but Sakuraba entered the ring and stomped Rolles in the face, breaking it up. Yuji then lit up Rolles with a kick before Sakuraba tagged in to attack Rolles. Chaos broke out before Daniel used his gi to choke Nagata. The ref called for the bell, which the Gracies thought meant they won, but the ref apparently DQ'ed them.

WINNERS: Nagata & Sakuraba via DQ at 9:50. The Gracies made for good heels after they figured out the role mid-way through, but the "match" was awkward trying to fit MMA into a pro wrestling match context.

I was told about this event last year but had no clue on the date. Almost read your post but realized it was a spoiler.

I watched it then read your post. You forgot to mention Yuji's stiff suplex. Looked rough.

It was painfully obvious Yuji and Saku carried them the entire match. Keep in mind this is the Daniel and Rolles' first wrastlin' match. The fans knew what they were getting into when they attended.

It was still mildly entertaining for me dammit!

God, i hope not... Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_TFK_UncleSam - One fc should consider Australia as a viable market, it's a 5 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane and a 6 hour flight to Sydney, the time zones are only 2 hours apart as well. I for one would love another major org here in aus and I'm sure most MMA fans here would too. Phone Post 3.0
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