Ong Bak 2

iz veddy goo, i ting u lai veddy veddy mahch.

Can't wait to watch it!

Hasn't this movie been out for over two years already. Is there another ong bak 2? I believe the english title for that movie is "The Protector". Is that the one you guys talking about?

Hmmm..does ong bak 2 have another title or it is just ong bak 2? I swore when I asked the guy at the video place for ong bak 2 he led me to "The Protector". I remembered questioning the guy about not seeing the word "ong bak" on the DVD. He told me it was the same movie with an american title.

Now I need to go find the movie and watch it!!

^^^Never mind...did a google search and found out that Tom Yum Goong was "incorrectly labeled" as Ong Bak 2/The Protector in the west. I will begin my journey to find the "real" Ong Bak 2 this week.

Go to theater and see matinee imo.

I rented the "fake" ong bak 2/ the protector from video system Hawaii. They are located behind Blazing steak in Moiliili. I don't know if they still have it but that was where I was looking for the movie.

As for info on the mislabelling of the was on wikipedia. I know the information there is not always reliable but it make sense to me since I was told that Ong bak 2 and the protector was the same movie by the video guy. He was probably misinformed too.

Thanks a bunch for all the info Mobu. I can see your passion for historical fiction. Very informative and interesting.. I watch these movie for the action, fight scenes and hot chicks(unfortunately not much in the Ong Bak series).

Will head to Kahala and check out the movie!!

Wow, nevermind me the guy who OPed the thing :(

Hahaha j/k

FYI, also showing at Pearlridge. and imo worth seeing in theater.

Oh you too sub....I forgot about you... Mobu had me mesmorized with all the thai history stuff. Maybe if you spoke up louder and use language like slaphead....PORK MUTHAFAKA!! would be harder to ignore.

PS ..Pearlridge too fahh for me...I live one block from Kahala Mall so it make sense to me fo go see'um at Kahala. I only head down that side to go to watch that horrible UH football team and eat at Chun Wah Kam.

Thank all you for contributing to this topic.....all 3 of you!!!

sad ending, imo.

^^^OngBak 3 fo sho!