Online Russian Judo Lesson

Lesson #1:KataGaruma from Russian Grips

I just finished this page, click the email link for ordering information.


great stuff Marc. I've been hooked on Igor's stuff since I got Russian leglocks as an x-mas gift. now If I could just learn how to apply them... :-D

Cool site!


Great Link!  By the way, thanks for the ttt on my event thread :o)


That is very cool.

Site looks great.
TTT for Igor.


I just recieved my video set (I ordered it through the mail).

I realize now why the Russian style of judo is so effective. The dvd's are phenomenal!!!

If I remember correctly Igor Yakimov has a seminar coming up at the end of October. If what he has on this series is a sample of his seminars, wow.

Review to come...

Yep Igor will be doing a seminar at my gym on Oct 30th in Rochester Ny. His seminars are amamzing!! for more info check out the Igor Yakimove thread or check out website for more info:

ttt for russian judo.

Hey guys,

Just a quick question for Mark or anyone else who has the Russian Judo DVD's, how do they compare to the 100 lessons of Sambo tapes (which I really want on DVD, still waiting :-). If you were going to buy one or the other, which set has more material?



How much are they?