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Hello Guys,

Prof. Renato Here, I will be doing another online FREE seminar, this time we will cover armbar situations.
Last month I had no time to host a webinar. I have been to busy working on expanding my gym.
But Here we go:

Webinar: Armbar Situations

March 17th, sunday at 12 Pm.

Do not miss it.

If you have been already to one of my free webinars do not do anything just wait for me to send you the link.

If you haven't been to one yet.

Please go to to register.

Thank you.


Professor Renato Migliaccio is a Ryan Gracie 3rd degree Jiu Jistu Black Belt and holds a 3rd degree Judo black belt.

Check out his accomplishments:
M-1 Challenge Veteran – Team USA
King of the cage Veteran
2011 No Gi Worlds Second Place
2007 ADCC worlds veteran
2005 BJJ European Champion
2005 ADCC Brazilian Trials Champion
2003 Pan-American Champion
2002 BJJ Brazilian nationals champion
2002 BJJ worlds Champion
2008 Connecticut state judo Champion
2004 USA southwest judo Champion
2007 Pan-American games veteran (greco roman wrestling)
2005/2006 Greco roman Brazilian nationals champion
1999 Judo Brazilian nationals college champion
1999 BJJ Worlds Second Place

Check it out, you wont be sorry. Phone Post

TTT The Ryan Gracie book was awesome BTW! thanks

The Webinar is tomorrow, don't miss it! Phone Post

Thank You too Mr. On the Mat!

Webinar in 3 hrs, last chance to sign up! Phone Post