Onzuka.com...looking back to April 2003

its good to look back to see how far we've come, where we are now, and where were headed.  every now and again i look at the onzuka.com archives with a nostalgic eye.  here's an onzuka.com feature story from 5 years ago - April 4, 2003



Bull Force Presents:

Kickin It Again Results!

Palama Settlement Gym, Honolulu, Hawaii

April 4, 2003

*Shawn Taylor wins the Fighter of the Night Award

In the multifaceted sport of Mixed Martial Arts, fighters are always looking to improve their over all performance by focusing their training on specific areas. Many fighters have been known to enter BJJ or submission grappling tournaments to improve their ground game. And on the other end of the spectrum, fighters compete in kickboxing matches to improve or test their stand up. Almost half the fighters have fought at least one MMA match, so it was going to be interesting watching them perform in the more strict rules environment. MMA fighters won every match that they fought. The event was put together by some people who love the sport of kickboxing and want to bring it back to the lime light in Honolulu. The match ups were very good, which can be seen by every bout going the full three rounds and ending up in a judge's decision except for the main event. Some of the highlights were 14 year old David Balicao's crisp punches and Jerome Kekumu's accurate combinations. There were also a few wars like the Brandon Absher-Jaime Galapia match and the Justin Dano-John Nerveza match. They even had Vai Togia and Sheldon Abella, a couple of heavyweights throwing down huge punches and kicks at each other. The main event kept the crowd at the edge of their seat when Shawn Taylor dropped Bryson with a right hand seconds into the first round. He then dropped him again with a right kick to the head. Somehow Bryson survived and relentlessly attached Taylor, winning the second round, leaving the fight wide open. Taylor got the referee stoppage when he seemed to get his second wind and put the pressure on a tired Bryson. The production ran surprisingly smooth, considering this was their first event. The next event is scheduled May 24th and will feature younger fighters. If you are interested in some great kickboxing, check out Derek Bright and Danny Kaheaku's next event.

The referee and Miss Teen Hawaii

Kids Fight 125lbs

David Balicao (Hawaiian SD, 14 years old)


Zane Cabacugan (Hapkido TKD, 15 years old)

Via decision


Kunta Edmonds (Kempo Unlimited)


Willie Chambers (Hawaii Tae kwon do)

Via decision


Paul Laga (Bulls Pen)


Wayne Kamealoha (Hawaiian SD)

Via decision


Harris Sariento (808 Fight Factory)


Craig Park (Hard Knocks)

Via decision


Jerome Kekumu (Hard Knocks)


Edwin Cabacugan (Hapkido TKD)

Via decision


Brandon Absher (Hawaiian Self Defense)


Jamie Galapia (Bulls Pen)

Via decision

Super Heavy

Vai Togia (Hard Knocks)


Sheldon Abela (Hapkido TKD)

Via decision

Semi Main Event:


Justin Dano (Hawaiian SD)


John Nerveza (Bulls Pen)

Via decision

Main Event:


Shawn "Tornado” Taylor


Bryson (Hard Knocks)

TKO via referee stoppage at 2:14minutes of Round 3.



wonders how 5 years has treated "Miss Teen".

R.I.P. Shawn Taylor

great thread

 *wonders how 5 years has treated "Miss Teen".*

im sure she went on to have a wonderful life.

with many kids.

from many different fathers.


im sure she still has that outfit.

good lord. i remember sitting at that fight w/ the ever beautiful jocelyn. oh man i miss her.

 R.I.P. Shawn Taylor, nice kid imho!

 TTT to gastro problems.  Mark knows what I am talking about.

yes. yes i do. :(

i deleted the duplicated thread.

 If we only knew about Pepto sooner...

I think we offically launched around our birthdays in March of 2000.  It seems longer ago for some reason.  Our news page is way over a million hits because our counter screwed up a few times so we lost a lot of counts. 

I do remember that we busted our tails to get all the pages that we offered up.  We both hated having a site with under construction pages. 

Actually been an Onzuka.com fan since 2001. Like the rest of you I check probably about 20 different fight sites but onzuka really has to be one of the best. Not nuthugging, just being honest.

 Thanks much!  Go ahead and nut hug.  No harm, no foul.  lol.

Onzuka.com has been my one and only link to BJJ and MMA on the net for years.

I'd like to take it even further back, back to the days of glasses, guitars, and mullets.

LMFAO @ glasses, guitars and mullets

TTT for Shawn. Man, Danny looks big in that pic.

Nice stuff.

One of the first MMA/BJJ sites I remember was Eric Moon (?) In my memory he was from Hawaii but I dunno. I can't even remember if his site turned out to be faked

^was fo real

i knew this girl who said she or her group were supposed build a site for you guys. i guess she never got around to it or you went with someone else.