Open Apology to Aaron Brink

I would persoanlly like to offer a public apology to Aaron Brink.

Not only did I fall prey to the rumors, I helped perpetuate them, even going so far as to bestow a "fighter nickname" on him (Smuggler's Blues).

Then I saw he was fighting on the July 18th IFC card. I made a post inquiring when he got out of jail. Then someone posted I should check out the interview with Aaron on

So to Mr. Brink, I would like to offer a sincere apology for adding in the spread and perpetuating of the drug related rumors about him on the Internet.


it's funny to read whats left after posts get deleted. for a second i thought that people were just randomly calling out tape lord, in case he stumbled onto the thread/


"Internet rumors - they will NEVER go away, so be careful what you believe when reading them. "

Ain't that the truth.

You just keep getting banned don't you Tape...

You clown, keep us entertained....

how many names do you need?

Tape Worm, always a funny guy.

Tape Lord... or what ever your name is this week:

One does not need to come to their senses when they never leave.

I am man enough to admit my mistakes. I owed Aaron a public apology after making public comments. There is no shame in recognizing ones's error and attempting to fix it as long as you learn something from it.

Apparently you have yet to mature to that point, since you continue to be banned on a weekly... or is it daily..basis.

Let it go Tape Lord, he's apologising like a man, you have nothing better to do?

Hey, Tape Lord- Wanna come down to Florida for a while?


Orlando. Usually I like your sense of humor, but this time a guy the guy is trying to be a man. Let him do it. I train at Manimal Brothers. Your welcome to come by. I'd stay away from Kokopelli's, though you wouldn't want to come across Pimmel.


Like I said, your welcome to come by the school. Just be carefull of the attitude you come in with. You wouldn't want it to come back and haunt you. Where are you from?


I didn't think you could handle yourself like a man. A real man doesn't need a little friend named Mr G.


LMAO...welcome back Tappy!!!

Tape Lord...

A keyboard and an Internet connection are a wonderful safety blanket, aren't they?

TTT for Aaron,

I was never a fan, but it's sad that his name had to be dragged through the mud.

Did I say weapon? Anyway I'm done with this crap. I started out giving you a friendly invite, because like I said I usually think you're a funny guy. and you decide to act like a 15 year old. If you feel man enough to come down here, please come by.


Tape Lord is just upset I dared to cross over to the Underworld Forum and post that I think that it is a big leap to say that the Fertitta Brothers are mobsters soley based on their being from a casino-owning Las Vegas family. For which I was accused of being a dense, dick sucking fool.

Blah Blah Blah...

The invite to mb was legit.