open mat at spartan sunday may 17th at 12pm!!!

please feel free to come out and train with some different people from other gyms!this will be a sparring session so please bring a mouthpiece and cup!

I've been planning to come down and spar with you guys. I hear you have a pretty big guy there. Isn't his name Josh as well? I have a hard time finding guys my size to spar/roll with.

Unfortunately, all of the guys I'd normally go with are going to be in New Orleans for the weekend.

Can we move the time to like 2pm? With Church it's hard for me to get there before 2pm, but I need/want some sparring with some different guys!

I've heard Joey is cool as hell, I just don't feel like driving an hour by myself. I will go next time.

i will try to get the guys to stay later but if it's like last week they always show up late!! lazy bastards!!

josh j i will try to make sure our big josh is up there next sunday if you can make it down then.

We may be doing an open sparring day at Triad next weekend. I will let you know for sure later.

let me know some time this week about next weekend and i will be there for sure along with a few others.i work saturdays though and can make it anytime sunday.