Open mat in NJ

Open mat at tri-state BJJ every sunday.

For more info go to

is there an entrance fee?

$10 for members

$15 for nonmember

Not very open then, is it?

I think $15 is a bit much, but I'm a bit of a cheapskate. I just wouldn't pay it.

The open mats I've attended are either free, or $5 and the instruction is top noch.

LeftBench, we had about 7 0r 8 people on the mat (including Edson). There are no politics. We have students come from other organizations / affiliations and they are always welcome. Even during regular classes they are welcome etc. The funny part is THEY are usually the ones nervous about their organization finding out they were there! I personally love when other people come. Great opportunity to learn and share ideas which is what open mat is all about.

MrJingles, it is up to everyone to decide on their own what is too much. Their is no "formal instruction", hence the open mat. We have a HUGE facility (ck out and it is a way to assist the support of school. We are not about money, but it is a necessary evil. We would love to have ya!


Nice facility. If I lived near you, I'd already have stopped by. I'm a bit far in Michigan.

They really have classes at 6 am? How many people show up for those?

theres about 4 lunatics that train at the "early bird" class. I am def not one of them!

The guys that train at that hour are mostly cops and brokers. It works for them I guess.

I couldn't findf any information about open mat on your page
when do you have it (time)?
our Sambo club have open mat every sunday as well so i thought maybe it's posible to come to you once in while. Would you mind?

Yakov, we would love to have you. I am sure we could all share ideas/techniques!

Open mat is sunday at noon

neat i'll check it out this sunday