optimum weight

I understand that you can fight at a range of weights but find you are perhaps not as effective at a lighter weight even though you are faster etc. Any explanation for why this would be? I am assuming that you have sufficient gas because you cut weight properly. This tends to fly in the face of the prevalent notion that everything being equal, the lighter you can get the better. It does seem that cutting too much can be counter productive for some. Again, I am assuming that the fighter has done the cut right and has good gas. Does it make sense to suggest that perhaps a certain weight is just optimum for certain people?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Even though my record sucked at 155 I blame different things and my weight being none of them. I feel great there but my brother will swear I belong at 170. I tend to agree with him but really feel I could do well at 155 I just did some jack ass things...

Thanks. Yes, it would seem that you would be a terror at 155. There are some guys at 155 in Canada that would be great matches for you: Kultar Gill, when he has mended, would be, for example, worth your time!

I just saw Chris last night, I think hes walking at about 145 maybe 146.


I am like 178 but that seems to be a small walking weight for me in the last couple years. I am not even dieting or training hard.

Actually I'm really glad Magnus brought this up. I've been wondering what weight to fight at as well.

I walk at about 164. Last week I weighed 168 but was at 16% BF which is higher than usual. Normally I'm 162-163 at fight time (after weighing in at 155), and 12-13% BF.

If you had a fighter in this situation, would you recommend they fight at 145 or 155? The lowest I've been was 150, and it was very hard to make. I am pretty strong at 155, but any insight by you guys I'd like to hear.

I'm 5'5".


I would say stay at 155 but if a good oppertunity came up you could make 145.

Thanks Chris.


Where do you live?

I live in Calgary, Canada.

Chris is right now on the In and Out cheeseburger diet. The burger goes in and right out so he doesn't gain any weight...