Ortiz: “Finishing year with KO of the night"

By the sound of it Tito Oriz is not lacking confidence by any means coming into his bout against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 140. The newly titled "Peoples Champ," says he would like to test the former amateur boxers stand-up.

"I just came off a fight against Rashad which I lost, and got fight of the night. Of course I came off the fight with Ryan Bader, and got submission of the night. so let's finish the year off with knockout of the night. I've been working on my stand-up a whole lot. I want to test Nogueira's stand-up. I want to see how good his snap really is. People say how great it is, I see looping punches. Lets see if we can fire right down the middle."

Source: Caged Insider  

Oh great, is Ortiz gonna get knocked out now? Phone Post

 Nothing against Lil Nog, but I would LOVE to see Tito get a KO on Saturday.  I'll be praying to the MMA gods once again...

Anxious to see if he sends Lil Nog away with another L? Just for nostalgia I always tend to pull for Tito. Phone Post

 Thumbs up for overcoming "adjeversareries".

 rashad destroyed him, tito did nothing, how did he get fotn bonus?

and when did he become a ko striker?

there is really no way tito is going to KO lil nog. I do think he has a great shot at winning with TDs and GNP tho, by decision ofcourse

Yeh i love tito but maybe thats not the best strategy to have going into it, he should gnp all the way, he hasnt been subbed in his career, he can handle himself if bjj becomes a threat, whereas strikes have always been his downfall. Im glad he is confident in his hands now, thats nice, but use that confidence to stay outa trouble and counter when u need to and set up take downs, not to try n ko ppl and be something he has never been, an elite striker. Still, id love to see it, im praying for a win for tito this sunday! Phone Post