Ortiz nude pics!!!!


I'll give myself a 2.6


You realize there are girls named Ortiz don't you? I'd say that makes you the fag for assuming we'd be into what you're into....

I believed it for sec...Seemed reasonable that Jenna got him some work flashin his dong or something lol.


Pilot, you are too clever for me.

tucks dick and hides

I was going to add his to my Ross Pointon one.

Oh well.

OOOOH, send me those ASAFP

I only have one Derek. I stole it off of Fightsport

Cre, sorry about that sir. I dont know what I was thinking, I meant I am putting ON the second coat of wax.

Armbar, why dont you walk it on over and we'll see what we can work out. Gotta go Alf is on.

I was promised pictures and see nothing

Yves, armbarcity and CRE copywrote all photos. You are going to have to pm them.