Oscar to hang 'em up after X!

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Oscar: After Sturm, Hopkins, that's it!
May 6, 2004
By Danny Aller

Big news rocked the small House of Champions Boxing Gym in Vero Beach on Monday, as Oscar De La Hoya declared during a press conference for his upcoming June 5 bout with undefeated Felix Sturm (20-0, 9 KOs) that he will finish out his illustrious boxing career against Bernard Hopkins in September and win or lose it's quits for the Golden Boy. "Hopkins and that's it," said a sopping wet De La Hoya to reporters after finishing up a seven round open sparring session for local media against two of his Golden Boy Promotions fighters, brothers Enrique and Librado Andrade. "I've made promises to people who are close to me and I don't need anything else. I've already made history. If I win (against Hopkins), great. If I lose, at least I tried. Either way, I'm going to fight my heart out until the end."

More power to the guy. He's given the fans an entire career of great fights and gutsy performances. His CV is one of the absolute best ever.

i think dlh will do alot better than most are giving him credit for. the last time dlh had to deep real deep.. it was in the quartey fight. oscar knows its his last fight and he'll be prepared cardio wise like never before. his fight with hopkins will be closer than people think. and more than likely win or lose.. he will go out on a note that will cement him in history. an man debuting at 130 and giving a middle champ legend a competitive fight.

hopkins wins imo but not as impressivlely as some think

boxing is screwed then. Tyson and DLH are the two biggest draws in the sport, and they'll both be gone in a year or two

ODLH will be sorely missed but trust me, Tyson is not helping boxing at all these days.

ttt for Oscar....always enjoyed watching him fight

You guys don't actually believe anything Oscar says, by now, do you?

I cant see him going out after getting his ass kicked by Hopkins. He will surely take a fight or two afterwards. By next spring, Oscar will have already blamed his defeat by Bernard on Floyd Sr. (or perhaps the judges once again) and be looking to line up competition for future fights.

Not so sure Chappie, as Oscar is a smart cookie.

chappie.. i believe dlh when he says hes done after nard. unless trinidad agrees to go it with him. other than that. oscar will be done.

Chappie has taken the correct, hired it as his new trainer, and then blamed it for his loss and fired it...

just like Oscar will do after Hopkins get through giving him the Graterford Treatment.

Anybody see Hopkins' HBO Real Sports interview? He went after the toughest guy when he got in there...knocked a bunch of his teeth out.

No way Hopkins loses to Oscar. No fucking way. I'll bet a screen name on it to anybody....

Probst I saw that interview. Did you notice that Lou Dibella was wearing lipstick? What is up with that? He looked like a freak. Maybe HBO hit him up with a bad makeup job or something.

Yes, Lou's lipstick was an unclassifiable weird element. I don't know what to make of it.

I think Oscar will withdraw and make it a boring fight. Compare his bouts vs. Vargas, Tito and Mosley II....when he can get in and out and not take too much damage, he'lll do it (vargas) and look great...but the threat of a Tito makes him totally defensive. And Mosley tired him out with body shots.

Hopkins is a better boxer than all those guys and works the body, plus has much better defensive and closes the gap better, too. It just seems like a fairly boring fight with ODLH running, holding, and getting tired trying to survive. He can't hurt Hopkins either and that's his biggest problem.