OSWI #3!

Damn it... I just wanted to make a thread about it too.


But seriously, is this going to be awesome or what?

2 was great. With an 8 man tournament in #3, it can only get better!


I can't wait!

Ha ha at Dougie!! I'm dyin ova here!

waving at NOT LETTUCE


What up?

Hey Doug! THis is my favorite OSWI thread:)

Not Lettuce, Have you been listening to the radio lately. There's a commercial on CFNY 102.1 ( hope stations in N.S. play the commercial) which has a guy saying he is not not going to eat salmon, which if yah think about the old No-No-GI jokes is rather funny and then you throw in Not-Not-Lettuce and it's hilarious. Everytime I hear the stupid commercial I laugh and think of this stupid forum and your Not-Lettuce user name. They literally argue over using the term no-not-eat salmon and not eat salmon.

Anyway you could change your user name to Not- Eat Salmon.



Now I will have to dedicate a OSWI thread to NOT LETTUCE.

OSWI#3 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Jordan Damon has entered his name in the 8 Man openweight Grand Prix!!!!Jordan "Superfreak" Damon represents TAI-KAI and Team Machado and is a multiple time NAGA and Grapplers Quest champion.
Also, for the superfights, another amazing fight has been added. Ulysses Rocha (BTT/GAAMA) will be facing offf against Mike Hong(Hurricane JJ/Marcus Soares). Ulysses fought in the last OSWI defeating Marco Costa in an awesome match. Mike was recently victorious at this years Showdown tournament and has been around the scene for quite some time now!

Cant wait! Dont miss OSWI#3 on Sunday December 5th in Hamilton,Ontario.Look for flyers at the Joslins Canadian Open Grappling Tournament or www.ontariograppling.com for more info!

-Rowan Cunningham

-Jordan Damon

-Justin Bruckman

-Henri Matamoros

-Kyle Sandford

-Kyle Saunders

-Cory McDonald

And dont forget the awesome superfights aside from the GRAND PRIX!!!!!

-David Aguzzi X Nik Miskovic

-Ze Mario Esfiha X Rodrigo Munduruca

-Ken Kronenburg X Sean Pierson

-Ulysses Rocha X Mike Hong