OT: Oregon guys

Greetings to everyone residing at the wine state of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

tell me guys, where exactly is Willamette Valley? Can anyone please give me more info? I'm planning a 2-3 week visit in the near future. Anyone here like wine? I'm an aspiring sommelier. Also, how far is it from the SBG gym? I'll try to drop by and do a little training if it fits my schedule.



Toby, you are welcome here anytime. When you get in town call the Gym at 503-230-7924 and we can give you directions.

Also, check the SBGi forum.


The Willamette Valley extends from south of Eugene to north of Portland. SBG is in Portland.

Check this page for more info:


Don't forget about the beaverton sbg as well.

www.straightblastgym.net for info and directions


Dave Copeland