Ottawa International BJJ Championships

The 2nd Annual Ottawa International BJJ Championships will take place on 22 June 2013 at La Cité collégiale sports complex. This gi-only BJJ tournament will be running six mats, a large warmup area and plenty of space for spectators. The college campus is about 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa so if you are from out of town, make it a weekend or more and see all the sights and attractions the city has to offer. In the vicinity of the venue are plenty of places to eat and relax.

For tournament news and updates you can follow us on twitter @ottawaintlbjj

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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Hi everyone,

The registration is now open,
Please visit to register.
You will require an annual OJA membership prior to register to the Ottawa International BJJ Championships. You can use the same website to apply for you OJA membership.

(((((( The first 100 adult athletes to register will get a FREE event t-shirts )))))

Stay tune for our prizes and t-shirts photo. Have you seen our medals yet. Please visit our site.
www.ottawainternationalbjj .com

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Only 25 days until the 2013 Ottawa International BJJ Championships!

Thanks to our many sponsors we have a large number of prizes:

- 5 Popeye’s prize packages (value $120)

- 16 BJJ Gi (brands include Scramble, RedStar, Fuji, #One and Riot Gear)

- 5 free registrations to the 2013 Ottawa Open (approx value $70 each)

- 3 free registrations to the 2014 Abu Dhabi Pro Trials (approx value $105 each)

- Event t-shirts for teen bracket champions

- Event t-shirts for all kids participants

- Participant medals for all kids who do not receive a first, second or third place medal

Remember, registration closes midnight on 19 June and only the first 100 adult registrants receive the free event t-shirt, so don’t wait!

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What about one of those on your wall?

Come and get yours! First 100 adults registrants will get a free tshirt.  All the kids 5-12 years old will get one free tshirt as well.

Come and get yours! First 100 registrants will get a fee tshirt.


We have been receiving a few questions from people trying to register for the 2013 Ottawa International BJJ Championships.
OJA membership is required for each tournament registrant regardless of whether your club is a member of the OJA. Without your individual OJA membership number you will not be able to register for the tournament.
However, your 2013 OJA membership will be good for all 2013 OJA tournaments.
If you have continuing problems or questions, you may find your answers at the following link:

Only 19 days left. Don't forget to check our website

Amazing medals!
Awesome event tshirt!
Great prizes!

BJJ Mom and BJJ Dad tshirts will also be available on June 22, 2013. We can't forget the ones who help us the most. (Our parents)

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12 days away. It is going to be great!

Some exciting news developing for the 2013 Ottawa International BJJ Championships!! The brown and black belt divisions are looking to have some great fights. BTT Canada Black Belt Lee Villeneuve, Toronto BJJ Brown Belt Thomas Beach, Gracie Humaita Brown Belt Amir Yafawi and......newly minted BTT Canada Brown Belt Patrick "The Predator" Cote! No superfights, just competition for these athletes, in their brackets and absolutes. The potential matchups are pretty exciting and if you have seen any of these guys fight there are sure to be some grinding battles that you won't want to miss. Given the calibre of competition who knows who you might see add their name to the mix! Phone Post

I was already excited about seeing Patrick Cote stepping on the mats to compete against some of the top BJJ guys in Canada. (Amir Yafawi, Thomas Beach and Lee Villeneuve) Now I am even more excited to find out that the next coach of The Ultimate Fighter representing Canada against Australia will be competing at the Ottawa International BJJ Championships on June 22 here in Nation's Capital. Congratulations to the Ultimate Fighter Coach, Patrick Cote!! Go Canada go!!! Phone Post

There have ben many requests to keep the registration for the torunament open until tomorrow at midnight.
Changes deadline stil the same, Wednesday at midnight!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the clubs that are supporting the 2013 Ottawa International BJJ Championships. Thank you coaches for helping promote Brazilian Jiu Jitsu within our communities. See you all Saturday!!

• Arcana Martial Arts
• Ascension
• ATT – MMA Fitness Academy
• BJJ Revolution
• Bruckman MMA
• BTT Canada
• Cobrinha BJJ
• Drysdale – Bushido MMA
• Empire MMA
• Evolution Martial Arts
• Gracie Barra Montreal
• Gracie Humaita
• Gringo BJJ
• Grizzly Gym
• Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts
• Joslin’s MMA
• Judoka Martial Arts
• Kumo Jiu Jitsu
• Matador BJJ
• Nova Uniao
• RCJ Machado
• Ronin MMA
• Team Renzo Gracie
• Therien Jiu Jitsu
• Toronto BJJ
• Troop BJJ Phone Post