Ottawa tournament

Does any one have any info on this event scheduled for May 20-22? Apparently there is a gi only grappling division as well as a sport JJ division. It is a WKF event- I have had good and bad experiences with this organization. Any info would be appreciated. The link for the flyer is:

Thanks in advance.

Went to a World Kobudo tournament yesturday!CRAP

Dont waste your time.

Its sad because World Kobudo is a very well-known martial arts association but they have no clue when it comes to grappling, at least the tournaments I have been to in Ontario

The head of world kobudo is John Therien from Therien Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing in Ottawa. I've been to these things way back when I was in traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. They don't do BJJ or grappling very much or very well as far as these forums are concerned. I think you'd be dissapointed if you went looking for a grappling tournament.

Here's a video someone made that show's the Sport JJ from January's Provincial Sport JJ tournament

My son competes in the Junior Sport JJ stuff, but the grappling is usualy not well run and I have seen people get hurt due to bad and inexperienced judging and organization. If it's grappling you want I wouldn't bother.

More people here on the UG should get involved in the sport jj stuff as it's a good way to have a tournament with kicks, punches, take downs and submissions.

Talk about injuries waiting to happen... You have what look to be sport karate types refing near mma with bigger gloves. Most of the competitors didn't even look like they knew the rules. I dealt with WKF back in my point sparring karate days, tournaments were typically run very slowly.

It's a real shame on how it's run. The big problem is organization and time.

1) Someone needs to go to all schools that do combined striking and submission and demonstrate exactly what the rules for Sport JJ are and even have some matches at the schools so the competitors know exactly what the deal is.

2) Refs need to be compensated in some way, an honorarium or something so that it's worth their time.

3) Refs need to be trained better and have more experience, which goes back to point 1 in that if you had more schools who knew and practiced Sport JJ you would have a bigger pool of refs to choose from.

4) Adult tournaments need to happen seperatly from kid ones as doing both in the same day is too much time and trouble.

Thanks for the info. I heard there was an incident at the Hamilton tournament last weekend where a fighter was KTFO'd from a sucker punch following a refs decision. Anyone know the story on this?

I heard that two BB's got into it afterwards.

What a load of BS

It's a fricken shame that Sport JJ is falling to shit.