Overeem claims Fedor turned him down for a fight 3 times

Is Overeem vs Fedor one heavyweight fight that should have happened?

Does that surprise anyone at all? Fedor is a career dodge artist. It’s impressive how much dodging he does actually. Dude would be better at dodge ball


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So Overeem has been with the UFC since 2011, yet claims Fedor ducked him 3 times in the past 10 years?

Lol, he does understand they were fighting for different organizations right? What an idiotic comment.

Maybe he thinks Fedor was ducking him when he was pre-steroid skinny Reem in Pride when Fedor was in his prime.

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Yes, it makes perfect sense that when they fought in Pride he ducked the guy that went 7-7 in the organization to take easier fights like prime Cro Cop and Big Nog.

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Frank Mir is the devil

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LOL at “proof”.

Fedor beat prime Nog, Mir beat zombie Nog.

I’m not doing this back-and-forth though.

You’re biased.
You just repeat the flawed arguments others have made.
And you’ll never admit to the observable flaws in your narrative.

It’s pointless.

Here’s your dunce cap…

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This is the stupidest post I’ve ever seen on the UG.

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Lesnar… I mean all those names are a joke but Lesnar? Holy shit you’re retarded.

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UFC 100 Brock Lesnar is one of the scariest men to ever live on planet earth. He’d have rag doll’d fedor

I find that very offensive. Fedor fought ANYONE at ANY weight. Overeem got beat my Shogun Rua twice, Sergei, Nogueria twice, Arona, Werdum, Liddell… IN PRIDE fighting alone. REAL Fighting, not UFC, sports wrestling fighting. Where a guy can touch the mat and he’s in his safe space. Fedor saw him lose way too much to want to compete against him. You can’t knee or kick a guy in the head when he is on his knees, that is why Crotch Hugging Khabib does not lose. The only sense fighting Tim Johnson is that Tim beat Mitrione. Fedor and Mitrione dropped eachother, but Mitrione was a little quicker for the finish. God bless Us!

Brock Lesnar? He has NO Striking. Just a nice jab, (because his arms are so long.) Fedor would have destroyed him. Unless, Brock did the crotch hugging wrestler, afraid to strike- take down. But in PRIDE fighting Fedor would kill him! Maybe in the UFC sports fighting org. he would have a chance. You can’t knee or kick a guy when he touches the mat? It’s barely fighting. Which is why crotch hugging Khabib does not lose. He just takes the person down to avoid striking. God bless the Faithful and pray for the rest!

Fedor was beating Bigfoot, then Bigfoot took him down because he was losing the fight. He did not want to STAND with the smaller fighter. Fedor dropped Werdum with a SWAT, not even a punch, but then he got caught. Fedor Dropped Hendo, and should have not got close, but he did and got an uppercut and some punches to the back of the head. NO ONE has ever destroyed Fedor. Fedor was winning all 3 of those fights until he made a mistake! Pride Fighting is REAL fighting. In AMerican sports fighting, you can’t knee or kick a guy in the head if he touches the mat. The safe space. I understand no stomps to the head like Wand did to Yuki Kondo, but it’s sports fighting. Wrestling for points!