Overeem forgot to zip his pants BEEP

Are his pants made by Reebok?

Blue please: https://youtu.be/PCh7izI72Is?t=1009

A lot going on but OP only paysbattention to the bbc



I tell you, there were a few people calling Overeem a world class mma HW back as far back as the first Badr Hari fight, maybe before (Hell, he beat Sergei and Hunt before that!), and many people on here were laughing at us. He would never make it in the UFC, they said. He has no chin, they said. He would get dominated by mid-tier guys, they said.

Well, I love watching Reem's success in the UFC. NOBODY has a more fan friendly style IMO. He barely ever goes to decision, win or lose. His strikes are just devastating, especially knees and kicks. He has the perfect style for us just bleed guys. What more could you ask for?