Overeem: I don't like to lose. I'm a winner

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                                Overeem: I don't like to lose. I'm a winner

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                    <p>Alistair Overeem will fight Travis Browne at this Saturday's UFC on FOX Sports 1 and will hope to get himself back in the winner's circle, a place the heavyweight feels like he belongs:</p>

"When they say you learn more from losses than from wins, I found that to be a very accurate saying," Overeem told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "When you win, that means you must be doing something good. When you lose, that means something or some things, multiple things, went wrong.

"I don't like to lose. I'm a winner, so that put everything on alert and got me back to the drawing board to get everything sharp again. That's what happened after the last fight."

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Please don't lose. Browne is solid but reem should show he's on a different level. Phone Post 3.0

No one likes to lose. He's just stating the obvious here and is finally aware that he isn't super human after all.

Overeem is learning one of life's hardest lessons right now. You should be kind to people on your way up, because you will eventually see them again on the way back down.

doesn't like to lose, he's a roider


If absorbs Brown Phone Post 3.0

So is A-- Rod

Browne gonna show him how it's done. Phone Post 3.0

Faggots everywhere Phone Post 3.0

I think Browne takes this one.

I hope Browne destroys him. Winners don't lie about being clean for years and get popped for PEDs. Phone Post 3.0

WeidmansPHD_in_G0atslaying_fr0m_h0fstra_U -

Vtfu !!! Phone Post 3.0

He's a winner about 2/3 of the time.

Overeem will be exposed!

OP meant "Wiener"

DarkHelmet - Winner winner horse dinner Phone Post 3.0
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