Overeem on nightclub brawl: it was a self-defence

Alistait Overeem visiting Moscow explained old incident he had with bouncers of a nightclub.


"Of course, this is a very old story , and the guards were initiated . There are cases when the guards are not experienced , do not know how to communicate and work with people , and this was the case when they have provoked. Once everything was heating up , I said to them " comrades , let's just for a good disperse to their homes , and all will be calm, " everything calmed down, but then I heard the cries of the club , I ran there and saw three guards fight with my brother , but of course , I went to help his brother . it all ended so that seven guards were lying on the floor when police arrived . Later there was a trial , but I was found not guilty because it was self-defense "

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You win.

Okay so that happened while he was in strike force? Also, wasn't he in another fight at a club which resulted in the scar on his face? Phone Post 3.0

His English is much better than it used to be.

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Laughing in work at this, people wondering what's up!

but then I heard the cries of the club IMHO

Bucephalus - His English is much better than it used to be.
Never met a Dutchman that doesn't speak perfect English. Phone Post 3.0

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Better be on high alert if you ever hear some shit like this at the club. Phone Post 3.0