Overeem VS Lesnar

I would really like to see this fight happen although i know it never will i cant stop wondering how the fight would go.

They are both strong as hell Lesnar would obviously try and use his better wrestling and GNP but overeem could easily KO lesnar within seconds of the fight.... How do people see this fight ending?

if it stays standing brock will be doing drunken cartwheels.

if goes to the ground the Reem could have a Mir like experience.

That's it.

I don't think he has better grappling than Mir, better wrestling perhaps. Yes the Reem is quite respectable on the ground.

Brock has been drilling submissions like crazy tho Phone Post

Overeem via punch in the face.

Hell Struve will KO Brock with a jab.

 Brock has nothing for reem. Reem would kill Brock on the ground, bottom or top, if it even went there.

Brock has 0 chance.

Never say never. Overeem might make it to the UFC one day. Overeem can knock him out and GNP him. Lesnar's standup isn't as good, but he in turn can take him down and GNP him too. This will be a good fight, maybe Brock's standup can get good enough to make it a good scrap on the feet.

Good match up.

I don't wanna see Brock die inside the cage

 Overeem would murder Brock in the first 2 minutes of the fight.

Sable would call the cops and tell them a black guy killed her husband

Everyone is sure overeem wins but after Cain I guarantee Brock shoots over and over scoring points and holding overeem down I see it going to a decision Brock wins Phone Post

Overeem has been taken down before by far less skilled wretlers I don't see Brock eating a knee shooting in... He takes him down easy and I'm a huge overeem fan saying this Phone Post

I would say Reem via scary punching. (Brock running again)

But seriously, Reem got respectable wrestling? When has he showed any good ground-game against a good wrestler?

Standing Brock has almost no chance, on the ground Brock's chances improve much more...but Overeem could still finish Brock there aswell!! Would definitely wanna see that fight in the UFC someday! Phone Post

 Seeing these 2 in the staredown would look like something out of a videogame.

The Alistair of today looks totally different and is a hell of a lot stronger than the Alistair who got knocked out by Chuck Liddell.

Fedor had some initial problems dealing with a man the size of Brett Rogers but i was mightily impressed by how AListair brushed Brett aside like a small child...that is some unreal strength!!!

After Shane and Cain exposed Brock"s achiles heel, which is to smash him and make him turn pussy, think Alistair will be able to do the same....

In fact i think by the time Dana decides to sign on Alistair (i think Dana will sign him by 2012), who is 3-4 yrs younger than Brock, it will be the time Alistair is at the peak of his martial prowess while Brock will probably be a spent force

The only reason Cain and Carwin were able to expose Brock was their ability to either defend or get up from the TD.

Brock was able to get a TD twice on a fresh Cain.

Is Cain a better wrestler than Overeem?

The chances of brocks chin meeting alistairs uberknee and going for a long stroll on knockout lane, is very likely. Phone Post

If Uber ever comes to the UFC it will be at about 235 lbs...