'Overeem vs. Werdum' live weigh-in, 6:00 PM EST

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                                'Overeem vs. Werdum' live and official weigh-in results

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                    <p>We'll provide live updates beginning at 6 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT). No video stream of the weigh-ins is available, but HDNet airs a live on-site broadcast special beginning at 6 p.m. ET. </p>

MAIN CARD (Showtime)

Alistair Overeem () vs. Fabricio Werdum ()
Josh Barnett () vs. Brett Rogers ()
Daniel Cormier () vs. Jeff Monson ()
Chad Griggs () vs. Valentijn Overeem ()
Jorge Masvidal () vs. K.J. Noons ()


Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante () vs. Justin Wilcox ()
Magno Almeida () vs. Conor Heun ()
Nah-Shon Burrell () vs. Joe Ray ()
Mike Bronzoulis () vs. Todd Moore ()
Brian Melancon () vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg ()

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Weigh ins is just not the same without Gina.

interesting weigh ins, how much does Overeem come in at, will KJ have a tough cut to 155 like in the past, what shape is Rogers in and I wonder if Cormier will come in lighter than he has in the past

 3 posts young suess?  You'd have thought that the sleep inducing GSP was on this card or something...

 Make it 4.

 You're always here for me and I appreciate that.

 It warms my heart to know that my contribution to this thread (of which there is no record) let my beloved Underground News know that there is more than a 1 hour difference between eastern and pacific time.

We are now on a 3rd grade level.

Baby steps...

suess -  he called out UG news for a mistake on the time zones.  was pretty bigtime.

 It's like playing Where's Waldo...there's a fuckup in every post, just got to find it.

suess - 
jjj2121 - 
suess -  he called out UG news for a mistake on the time zones.  was pretty bigtime.

 It's like playing Where's Waldo...there's a fuckup in every post, just got to find it.

must be nice to be infallable :)

and before you say "they fuck up every time"  - i know, i'm hasslin

hasslin me is what you do and I love you for it.

I hope others take note of how we argue about everything and do so without calling each other faggot in every post. 


Why no live stream? That's dumb.

Go Joe Ray!! Phone Post

I am watching on HDNET, I love HDNET!!!

Anybody catch the ring girl checking out that fighters ass when he stepped off the scale to remove his shorts? her smile got bigger as his shorts came off


Overeem only 10 lbs heavier than werdum.256 to 246.Barnett also weighed in at 256 rogers 258.

Wilcox poop stains in his shorts according to trainer...


Yeah, it was weird, like he was arguing with them, then talked to Scott Coker and just did his fighter pose/statesmen while they announced his weight. Phone Post

Monson taller than Cormier?

Did Wilcox really make the weight? I know sometime the promoter,manager,matchmaker or commission fix the weight because the fight is important.
Wilcox looked HUGE !I'm surprised the video was cut!
I know this year a manager with a matchmaker tried to fix the weight of a fighter at Bellator but the guy didn't accept and refused to jump on the scale .
I know the same manager with James Irvin tried to cheat at the weigh in at KSW 15 in Poland but it didn't work and Irvin was 15 lbs over.Irvin tried to lean on the towel that his manager was holding but he was too big to "make the weight" .

This is polish interview after KSW. one of the promoters said that instead of preparing his show he needed to sit in sauna with Irvin. Irvin was unprofessional according to him because he had 15lbs overweight and Irvin was trying to cheat at the weigh in.


This is the video of Irvin leaning on the towel his manager and his coach were holding to try to drop some pounds.


I'd like to know what happened with Wilcox.

I knew already Bellator was full of shit but I'm surprised to see that with ZUFFA.

Any info?