Overstating checked leg kicks

I get that Weidman and his camp feel inclined to defend the legitimacy of his wins over Silva, and that Rogan had a bit of interesting inside info into one of their concerns, but lets not act like this is some super deadly technique that Chris perfected specifically for this fight. Its muay thai 101. Kicks are checked every day, on every card, and leg breaks are still one in a million, or else nobody would compete.

Chris is a badass, and doesnt need the overstatement going on here with the technique/end to this fight.

Thanks for pointing this out Phone Post 3.0

Good point Mr Roo Phone Post 3.0

Haven't you heard? It's a trademark Longo technique called Destruction. Phone Post

It plainly sucks. Just like when Mark Coleman threw Shogun and dude broke his arm. Did Coleman, Weidman really finish their opponents or was it dumb poor luck injury?

Silva has nothing for Weidman.

The leg break will heal just fine and if you think about it - maybe a good thing? Spider was getting his ass kicked again.

This fight would have been more head trauma for the Spider had it went on .. Did you notice the punch that knocked Silva down?

I don't want to see Andy end up punch drunk. The leg will heal. A 5 round beatdown would have been hard to watch.

Dim Mak IMO. Phone Post 3.0

How about understating the legitimacy of Weidman's wins over Silva?

Four rounds fought. Four rounds won by Weidman.

In the first fight, everyone talked about how Silva was taking the over the fight with his leg kicks. How was he going to take over the fight this time? By getting his kicks checked every time? Did Silva even land a single punch while standing?

Nobody is questioning Weidman, way to miss to point Phone Post 3.0

it's basic muay thai, but it is something that Weidman more than likely trained to do. What better way to dissuade a guy throwing leg kicks than making it hurt when they throw one?