Ovince Saint Preux not Keen on Fighting Henderson


As far as summarizing the MMA portion of this interview the big talk that we had with Ovince which most people would probably find interesting is that if Ovince had it his way Dan Henderson wouldn't be the man that he'd like to fight to get a shot at the title.

Preparing for Dan Henderson's title fight against Feijao, Dan flew Ovince out to train with him for two weeks where the two men became friends and shared a lot with each other.

Ovince isn't keen on fighting people that he considers friends, but if he had to do so he probably would. Ovince explains that it's a fine line to walk and some times getting paid leads to putting people in uncomfortable situations.

Suck it up.

Or dont win a title.


 umm....yea....about that.....

OSP is the MAN!!! GO VOLS!!!

SmasherSnu - OSP is the MAN!!! GO VOLS!!!