Ow, doc, my friggin back...

back story- this has been happening for years, but it's now getting to the point where I can barely do anything exercise-wise.

I occasionally get a muscle pull or spasm (thats what JRS said it was I think) in my lower back if I funk up a deadlift or something like that. It's a sharp pain right at the base of my spine that really inhibits my movement forward and backward at the waist. Usually I ice it and it goes away, I wait a week, and I can get back to working out with no problems.

Lately tho, say in the last 6 months, it's been happening very regularly, and it doesn't involve any lapses in form or even heavy weights. Mostly occurs when I'm squatting or deadlifting. Today it happened with a very light squat. I wasn't tired or rounding my back or anything. Have I just wrecked this injury to the point where it's not going to get better? What should I do? I iced it again and took a handful of ibuprofen and it's friggin killing me. This is the worst one I've gotten in a couple years- the pain is sharp and throbbing and is radiating about halfway down each leg and into my arms as well.

I'm worried that I've done something serious, as I have no health insurance so I wouldn't be able to get it taken care of. Any suggestions?

sounds like good chance it is a disc, although if you feel it down the arms that would place it in the lower cervical region. Neuro exam or MRI only way to tell. You are playing with fire if you do not check it out,good luck.

I have had back problems similiar to those decribed in this and the other thread. I would like to know how to begin rehab and recovery. I got a book on brill excercise and have been doing those, I tried an epsom salts bath last night where you bathe and then wrap up in a blanket and sweat, and I am going to start taking glutamine and C&E vitamins after working out to aid in recovery. I also use those training rubber bands for lower back work and seated rows. Any other sugestions??

ugh, wonderful news doc, thanks. Hopefully I'll get health insurance soon so I can go check that out.

If you come to Florida I will see you for free

hehe, thats nice of you- I can go to the free clinic and put it on the state's tab I guess.

Besides, I hate Florida ;) Know anyone in CA?

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It feels a lot better now... it gets tight if I dont move for a while but I can kinda rub it out with my knuckles... wierd, it's a huge change from yesterday and the day before.

I am glad it is better, back pain is poorly treated by all types of doctors, heals better on its own usually. Just be careful with radiating pain, could indicate nerve impingement. And she is always looking

ah ya got a vigilant one... sorry to hear that.

I'm gonna quit doin squats (*cry*) and I'll be careful with it. Thanks for the help.

good luck

A lot of back pain is from watching races

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