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uh, ok, I apologize if I'm screwing this up but I'm new to actually writing anything here. I'm more of a lurker of late but I wanna be part of the process and not just a bystander. Enough said. So, Scott if I may, how in heck are you? Hope all is well and thanks for making yourself available for all us keyboard warriors!My question arises from my curiousity concerning the many smart things you say. The fog in my brain goes "Huh?!?" sometimes. Can you articulate your thoughts on how power is generated from articulating our joints and recruitment of those joints? Or rather, will you? More specifically, can my grip be made stronger for shaking hands if other joints are recruited from say the elbow or shoulder? Can strength be enhanced for arm wrestling in this way? Anything you have to add would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Matt B.

can Scott come out and play? Oh, after he cleans up his room, fine. Thanks...


Scott may be busy so I'll answer some of your questions, when you move to create any action such as typing you are Articulating the joints most people only use one joint per button because thats all of the power needed to depress the button.

Now pretend that your computer locks up while typing and important email to a loved one. You have to hit 3 key Salute Ctrl-Alt-Delete to recover your machine and you notice because of your anger you recruit your elbow and shoulder to hit the keys you have increased the power of your key stroke by adding muscle tension and recruiting more joints. For Power you want the most amount of joints recruited with correct amount of tension in the correct muscles.

Coach Chomycia

Thank you coach, I appreciate your analogy. Is it true that articulating the joints is only one part of a multi-faceted approach? For example, elements such as distance,timing, and manipulating/controlling force vectors?


Approach for what exactly?

Coach Chomycia

Sorry to be so vague. I'm trying to integrate these principles and "own" them as Scott suggests, even if it's mostly on a mental level for now. By "approach" I intended to mean a way in which one behaves to achieve goals. For example, I wish to make my grip and arm more powerful for say, arm wrestling. If I approach it with articulating not only my grip, but screwing my elbow, along with controlling force vectors, and timing muscular contractions, will more efficiency and power result? I hope this is clearer. Thanks for your time.


"will more efficiency and power result?"

you can increase E & P with just Mechanics and then further it with the Principles,
the more of these things you do correctly the better,
There is always ways to make things better.

WARNING: If you keep your "Training" on the mental level you will always be behind the game, Because in an event the Physical happens first then People started to think about it, then talk about it. Sept. 11 would not have gotten into our heads if it never got out of Bin Laden's. This is why reading books on Martial Art don't make good fighters. You are talking about something that has to do with your body so you have to use it.

I have been typing too long,

Coach Chomycia

Welcome to the Tribe, Matt.

Coach Chomycia is correct.