P4P Question

I am not a Foob, but I will admit to being a bit noobish about the sport. I wasn't a real fan until Hughes-Trigg 2 and I've always heard a couple different things about what the P4P rankings mean. Does it mean that if everyone were the same size, these would be the best fighters? I ask because I just think that when GSP is healthy, he would beat anyone his size because of his game planning and unwavering ability to stick to his game plan. Yes, Anderson and JBJ are both great, but if they were all the same size I think GSP would figure them out. As I said though, I am a bit noobish, so feel free to educate me.

I feel the exact same way. But if it is who was most impressive then I would have to say Fedor. Possibly Andy.

It means different things to different people and is not exactly defined factually.


Many think it is an assesment of a fighter's skills and attributes relative to their division. Then how they would stack up against other fighters in other divisions based on those skills and attributes. An assesment of how good they are without factoring in their size in comparison.