Pac-Man would have won IF...

...he had done 2 things.

1) Gone to the body early. this was what set up Barrera for the early fall. Those early left crosses to his body really messed up MAB, and left him open when PacMan went upstairs. PacMan was simply masterful in his fight with MAB: with his left, he could hit high, or low; with his right, he could hook high or low. This changing of levels was totally absent in his fight with Marquez. Either he was too enamored with his own KO powers, or Marquez's uppercut counters kept PacMan away. At any rate, this absence, IMHO, contributed to his less than masterful performance.

2) Utilized more lateral footwork. Pacman again used this extremely well in his match with MAB, completely setting up his right hook or his devastating lefts, and creating impossible angles. Although he utilized a lot of head movement, his straight-in footwork totally nullified whatever effectiveness his Mike Tyson-imitation was capable of.

Although he fought valiantly, he was far from top form. Hopefully, he'll return to form for his next fight.

"Utilized more lateral footwork."

He had foot problems going into the fight. That might be why he didn't utilize more footwork.

or if the judge who scored it a draw knew what the hell he was doing

Cortez could have deducted a point, he would have if John Ruiz was egging him on. Too bad about those judges.