Pacquiao or Buakaw?

 who would win this fight? stand up only. maybe even outlaw extended clinches

 Buakaw within one round.....

 Low kicks would end this one quickly.

 lol Buakaw by leg kick rape.

The stance's are different in boxing and muay thai. Boxers generate the power they need by their stance, and the way they commit their body throwing shots at different angles. the stance is more side on to have quick jabs, have less of a target, and because you only have to worry about the hands as strikes.

Muay thai has a more front on square stance to look at the overall picture of leg kicks and hands, elbows etc. Theoretically, you'd think it'll be easier to be punched seeing the stance is more front on, however you'll need to get past leg kicks first to close that distance.

Getting past leg kicks is the part that'll pose the biggest problem for boxers, and seeing that they're side on with the stance, opens up for that lead leg kick to be machete'd by the muay thai shin.

Enjoy these two vids; they're obviously no Pacqiauo, but fun none the less :)

yeah Buakaw is the bigger man and would be the heavy favorite

but you cannot count out Pac Man in any contest where you're allowed to punch each other in the face
Manny started in kickboxing before he ever boxed, and if Dida could drop Buakaw then Manny can too.

TTT! Fun dream fight!

 thanks imac, i also think the obvious answer is buakaw but everyone in boxing seems to think boxing is the ultimate striking discipline. bonjasky vs ray mercer didnt really show too much and is probably the best example so far

buakaw could beat mayweather and pac-man on the same night.
low kick!

Outlaw extended clinches= K1 rules


masato vs vince phillips is a good example of boxer was thai boxer.

buakaw kicked the shit out of masato...

Stu Cazzo -  Buakaw within one round.....

This and its not even close.

Sonester Sambo - 
GaymidaGaydan - 
Stu Cazzo -  Buakaw within one round.....

This and its not even close.

I wonder where fat pogues come up with their theories.

Uh oh! Tough guy alert!


Buakaw is vulnerable to punchers. I might take Manny.

Have we not learnt that when you expand the rule set that the guy who has studied the whole game is going to win.

Buakaw would win because he knows the science of 8 limbs not just two.

what if manny could check leg kicks which he probably can since he was a kickboxer

Guys that have trained low kick defence for years at a pro level still get chopped down by a guy like Buakaw.

pacquiao used to be a kickboxer. he trained muay thai at MAP-Muay Association of the Philippines before he was converted as a boxer

what's to keep Manny from just stepping forward with a counter punch when buakaw kicks? with the speed at which he's use to seeing punches coming, im sure Manny would have no problem seeing a kick from Buakaw's back leg coming. I think Manny would knock Buakaw clean out.