PACQUIAO vs COTTO Discussion Thread

pacs punches starting to get throughas that happens cotto lands

Round 1 - Cotto. :(
Round 2 - Pacman. :)

 WHAT A ROUND!!! HELL YEAH!!!! Pacman 10-9

 Crazy fight...

 looks like pac decided to turn it up

Great round, I'll give that one to pac

Great fight.

God damn... Pac got his shit together in that round. Cotto might be in trouble.


Manny is amazing.

cotto goes down!!!



Shot of Cotto's family might be the funniest thing I've ever seen in a fight crowd

cotto coming back

lol cotto complaing to ref when he also hits behind the head

Round 1 - Cotto. 10-9 :(
Round 2 - Pacman. 10-9 :)
Round 3 - Pacman. 10-8 :)

9-9 round? what a retard lampley is.

 Rd3 Pacman 10-8

 lol Lamply is a douche.