PACQUIAO vs COTTO Discussion Thread

Really epic music for Manny's entrance right now!

he is coming out to like fucking 80 songs

all smiles ...buddy looks 2 relaxed


so will cotto look like the bigger man in the ring?

I have a feeling Cotto is coming stronger mentally than Pacman right now. This is really a pickem fight IMO

 If this isn't fight of the year, I'll be shocked.

Hope this fight doesn't come to Decision.

The demeanor of both fighters coming to the ring is an interesting contrast. Not saying that it means anything as regards to the fight but still...

 finally this is about to start

My God this prefight wait

damn pac - stop smiling it's GO time!!!

 Go Cotto!

Oh man this is gonna be good. Cotto 10-9 I reckon.

pac stole that round with last 30 seconds...

Round 1 - Cotto. :(

I gave that one to cotto

 10-9 cotto

Any PbP?

Ecko Unltd -  Go Cotto!

 hells yea!