Pad and Clinch links

I've compiled some clinch and pad/focus mitt videos.

Please suggest your favorites if you don't see them on there.  Thanks!


Thanks for this. I used one of the drills on there last night. The club members are less inclined to thank you.

Club members?

I guess that does sound strange...

We don't have any qualified instruction in MMA/Jiu Jitsu/Muay thai, etc, etc but we do have a group of people who are interested in training.

We (me) formed a non-profit MMA club here in our area, sublet some space and get together 2-3 times a week to "train". Once a quarter or so we try to bring in someone for a seminar. We just had a Muay Thai guy from the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy about 2 weeks ago.

I had made a post about 2 months ago looking for drills, etc that we could do (Thanks again David Ross. Some of these videos are exactly the type of thing we as a group are looking for.

The only point of the "club members are less inclined to thank you" comment, is the drills left them a bit winded.