Paddy Pimplet has a YT channel with 700k subs & gets millions of views per video. HOW TF did Paddy become so popular & when?

Its pretty mind blowing to me. How the fuck did Paddy blow up so fast and become so popular with casuals and the mainstream crowd?

Paddy’s views on youtube are just insane. Paddy puts O’Malley’s views and numbers to shame. Is Paddy a marketing genuis or is he lucky?

Paddy just seemed to come out of no where and everyone just seemed to gravitate toward him and love him.

If youre a fighter today who doesnt have a big youtube channel you have no hope of making it big

Hopefully O’Malley moves up to LW one day so that we can have Paddy vs O’Malley for the battle of the #1 star in MMA

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You mean battle of the bums who won’t even be top 5 LW’s?

Face it, this is Islam’s world and you’re just living in it.

UK/Irish/Australian fans are crazy nationalistic and will get behind any guy with momentum from their country. Remember how rabid the OG Irish conor fans were following him to the states for every fight before he became a joke to them?

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So your answer is that its just crazy people being nationalistic?

Paddy fans, how do you feel about how Hillbo has generalized you and categorized you? Feel free to respond to Hillbo’s post, letting him know how you feel, and chime in!

I’m from England and can’t stand Paddy or McCann.

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I’m Aussie and I concur. The MMA fans here get excited and show up big time when the UFC visits town- probably because we are more removed from it and only get a few events per year.

I lived in the UK a couple years and got a missus and mates from there also - they get behind their guys. Particularly guys like Bisping, Paddy, Aspinall from up North working class areas. There is a strong and very proud fighting culture

We also love drinking piss and getting amongst it and supporting an underdog larrikin. All goes hand in hand

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Dave Portnoy at Barstool sports is his big outside sponsor and has helped promote him like crazy here in the U.S and pushed out his clothing.


He’s got the looks and is interesting. I am guessing 70% of his subscribers are teenagers though.

Youre not a Paddy fan so youre opinion was not relevant to what was asked.

Also, youre likely in the minority

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Ok, but if you went to a pub filled with casual fans they’d be all over their nuts for the most part. If you said otherwise they’d all be like “oi, that’s a bellend thing to say, innit?”

We have to remember more hardcore or old school fans are not and have not been their main demographic in a long time. Casuals pay the bills.

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Correct no cunt on here buys ppvs

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They also buy the merch and create a bunch of ad revenue. How many people here are visiting or engaging with their social media?

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Seems like it’s just me sometimes. More popular here to shit on Dana, ufc, espn, card quality etc