Padwork with Kornpet

a little bluenamer help, please

he's a little clip of Kornpet Petchrachapat hitting the pads. Kornpet fought and trained out of the Dejrat Camp in Bangkok, and was a highly ranked Rajadamnern fighter, fighting for the famed Thai promoter Songchai Ratanasuban.

Kornpet now makes his home in Redondo Beach, CA where he's been training and teaching out of Boxing Works gym, in nearby Hermosa Beach. He's getting ready for his first fight back in next months Push Kick promotions "World Standoff" in Las Vegas.

Bryan72 should've been given a blue name-red name-green name by now, Jesus.

Kornpet looks sharp. Best of luck in his upcoming fight.

I'm too retired for a green name, don't want the responsibilities of a red name, and too cheap for a blue name Phone Post 3.0