pain in ribs

Last time I trained was last thursday, but today (and for the last three
or four days) my side ribs are sore and painful to touch. what is
causing this, and is it safe for me to train?

I get that too, right on the bottom of my rib cage. It sucks. I've been told that it is because the tendons there can get streached out or the rib can pop out of place. I;ve bee told that rest is the best treatment. I don't know if that's true since I wont stop training to find out.

If your ribs are painful to touch, you definitely should not be doing BJJ. If you can't handle your own touch, do you think you can handle someone else's body weight on that area?

I personally do not recommend any sort of brace or bandage. If you can't do it naturally, I don't recommend you do it at all. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. You're not out there trying to win an Olympic gold metal right now, so there isn't any reason you shouldn't take the time to allow the injury to heal.

This doesn't mean that you have to be completely inactive. It just means that you need to find an activity that doesn't bother it. I always recommend walking for everyone. People often underestimate the benefits of walking for general fitness and injury recovery.

I dealt with this on my right side for about 4 months. Rest and ice until you can actually drill again. DO NOT spar until you can accept someones side body weight without pain.

Then do core exercises like your life depends on it. This is what kept me on the mat.

I went to class tonight and tested myself before class (by having a
heavy guy slowly put weight on me), then during class I rolled light
with non-explosive guys.

Feel fine. better than before, actually.

and thanks for the advice guys. knew i wouldn't take it, lol