Pain Inc Tournament Quick Notes

Hey! Just got back from the pleasant little Pain Inc tournament!
Not sure of the exact turnout (I'd guess 150 or so) but it had
some good action. Plenty of notables around the SF Bay were in
attendance to show their support. The team trophy was taken by
Dave Terrell's school, whose kids programs (I've dubbed them
Terrell's Tiny Terrors) stole the show.

John Fitch (dubbed by a few others there as Captain Asskicker,
former captain of the Perdue Wrestling Team and wrestling coach
at AKA) wins $500 in the pro division, which included a great
match against Cesar Gracie standout and Pancrase star Jake
Shields (Jake tapped out his first opponent in about 30 seconds).
Shields and Fitch went at it, with Fitch scoring some BIG
takedowns and Shields throwing everything and the kitchen sink
into submission attempt after submission attempt.

I'll get a a report and video and pictures up later this week on
OntheMat (got a tons of highlight worthy stuff).

It's Jon Fitch, but thx for the 411, Gumby. I saw Scotty at GQ today. Have you been to the new place in Brazil?

Yeah, I should know the spelling, i see him pretty frequently but
just call him "Fitch" most of the time. He's the guy who beat
Shonie Carter rather convincingly at Shooto Las Vegas, hence the
nickname. He also beat MMA fighter Doug Evans today as well,
sand won all five of the matches he had today both in his regular
and pro division.

Scotty got stateside two days ago but I haven't had a chance to
talk to him yet. We're both moving across the country for these
tournament and will likely meet in the middle in a few weeks!
LOL! It's been three years since i've been to Brazil!

Yeah, Fitch grapples well.

Huge props to Brian and Co. for a very well run tourney. It was their first and they did great!!

There was plenty of action and the compition was good.

Congrats to Team Terrell and their "Tiny Terrors"

I'm already looking forward to their next!!!


ttt for terrell and his tiny terrors






Are all the results gonna be posted somewhere?

Fitch is the man!

Those kids train harder than alot of adults I know.

TTT for someone