Hey pain whats up???i just saw your new web page

you said matt hughes is the toughest guy you ever fought??? what about me :)

but in all seriousness the page looks a lot better that before and i like the setup..

when are you a the gym?

Ive been kicking your ass for a over year now!!!!

when are you a the gym?
so you can duck me :)

how do you figure??? i think those wars youve been have affected your meemory..last time i came by you wouldnt come out of the bathroom :)

im in the house tonight scrub!! BE there :)

Sweet...Judo vs BJJ ;p

i think ive said it a million time i am just a fighter not into any particular style. Onyl whatever wins... and on that note I am gonna whip that scruffy bearded judoka worse than he ever dreamed..


Good times... :)