Palm Springs

Any chill place to train BJJ?

I will be there for work at the beginning of next week and would like to stay fresh for NAGA the week after.


lol, it is like San Francisco south there....

^ not familiar with the area so I will assume that means, no jiu jitsu

I mean lots of romo's

cute uncut romos

Last time I checked, there was a Judo place, but no BJJ.

seen 1 in palm desert

so from my understanding if I posted on matbattle I could get a good idea of some good places to train.

Google is your friend, although these all look to be a little south of Palm Springs.

Local business results for jiujitsu near Palm Springs, CA

Force 1 Shotokan
43930 San Pablo Ave., Palm Desert - (760) 972-0002
3 reviews, directions, and more »

Coachella Valley Judo-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-Grappling
77900 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert - (760) 325-3313
Directions and more »

Nova Uniao Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu- Indio
46780 Clinton St., Indio, Ca. - (760) 399-7574
Directions, hours, and more »