Pan Asian BJJ Games

Check out the Black Belt match at the Pan Asian Games.  Anthony Perosh vs Mike Fowler (beat Renzo and Saulo at ADCC).

Perosh vs Fowler

Great match, check it out. Well done Anthony.


cool vid. is bjj judged differently in asia or summin?

thanks elvis.

anthony got gipped. bloody refs.

I agree, looked like he won that match to me :(

Anthony won that match!

Anthony and Mike put on a great exhibition match. This was the first
Black belt match in South East Asia. You could have heard a pin drop it
was that quiet. There would have been close to 1000 spectators.

The standard of BJJ in SEA is as good as Australia, hopefully more
competitors such as Fiona Muxlow, Anthony Perosh , Mike Fowler, and
others come over for future comps.

Both Anthony and Mike are great guys and were very gracious to put
on this bout.
We hope to see Anthony back for another super fight match up and
seminar at the Philippine Open in December. Future super fight
matches will have three reffs as they do in Judo.

Full results will be posted on:

Thanks for the insight there Steve. It's great to see the Aussie guys as competitive as anyone else on the international BJJ scene.


Poor decision but good to see BJJ growing in SE Asia.

Stephan commitments in the US kept me away from the Pan Asians, this time! But im looking forward coming back for the tournament in December again. Let me know the date as soon as its confirmed.


Everybody missed you here, we looked forward to seeing you Dec 1-2 for
Phillipine BJJ Open and The Philippine Graplling Challenge.

Many more players from SEA and around Asia are coming over.
Anthony told me about how tough an opponent you had at the ADCC.

This is a well run event, hopefully some Aussie teams can join the next one in December.

Suprised Anthony lost that match... hmmmmm

Was the ref from Guam? Perosh was robbed...