Pancrase 262

Is there anyway to watch Japanese MMA live?
Currently Pancrase 262 is on and I can't find out a way to watch it. Would pay for the stream if they were selling it.

Just looking for an alternative to the UFC and would also like to watch the Deep NYE show as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Pancrase doesn't stream their events. 

DEEP had been doing iPPV's on USTREAM, but that ended 2 months ago and they still don't have another platform. 

VTJ does stream over NicoNico, but they recently stopped accepting foreign credit cards, so that sucks. 

Somehow the viewing options for live JMMA has regressed over the years. Even ROAD FC (South Korean promotion) offers a live PPV on

Your best bet with Pancrase events is to wait for them to upload the event highlight to their youtube page. Really the only way to see footage of their shows these days. 

As far as DEEP's NYE show, it would be a real shame if they didn't offer some type of PPV. Still no word on that yet.

Thanks for that.


no problem

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