PANCRASE: anyone care?

the UFC is talking about bringing in more Pancrase
fighters. i like the idea of bringing in more Japanese
fighters but if they keep sending over dudes like the
guy that fought Diaz, is it really worth it? i haven't
followed Pancrase in a while but is the skill level
really that low?

with the exception of fighters like Marquardt and
Kondo, are there any other PAncrase fighters that
belong in the UFC?

Pancrase's skill level is seen by many as lower than Shooto/Pride/Bushido, but they still have several good fighters in various divisions. check out the following English Pancrase website to see the rankings in the different divisions. A lot of good names there:

the list of fighters is impressive, but hardly any of
them fight for Pancrase anymore i.e. Liddel, Horn,
Lister, Barnett, Carter, Filho, etc.

if they're looking for Japanese exposure, i can
understand that. but they need to get soem real
fighters or its just boring.

Hey I'm a Pancrase Fighter.  Maybe the UFC should bring me in... ;)